About BorrowBollywood


BorrowBollywood was born out of the idea that shopping for Indian clothing should be easier.  In it's current state, shopping for Indian clothes is at best a time-consuming hassle -- and at worst, a frustrating, confusing, and expensive process.

We  founded BorrowBollywood with the idea of bringing the Indian Clothing shopping process into the 21st century.  We have done away with needing to get custom blouses stitched by using stretchable materials and have also tailored our dresses to closely mimic the sizing of American dresses.  We also have eliminated the need for negotiating prices which is found in most indian clothing stores.  Our prices are the best we can offer and our customers will not have to worry if they got a 'good deal' or not.  

We also understand that buying Indian Clothing can be a daunting process for those not familiar, and we wanted to create a place where our customers could educate themselves about Indian Culture, various occasions that are celebrated, and the appropriate clothing to wear to each.  In our own lives, we have had many non-Indian friends that have attended Indian events and were very confused on what to wear to these events and where to shop.  It is our hope that our store will be a one-stop shop for those that have an Indian Event to attend and need help finding appropriate attire at an affordable price. 

We hope that our store lives up to our aspirations and suits your needs. If you have any questions or need help in any way, feel free to reach out to us at support@borrowbollywood.com or call us at (267) 225-5385.  


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BorrowBollywood Founder