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Sangeet is a pre-wedding event for the immediate family and close friends to get together and meet the other side of the family. Usually there will be a live band or singer, and sometimes the family will start to karaoke Learn More About the Sangeet

What to wear: Salwar Kameez, Indowestern, or a Sari are perfect for a Sangeet event. 

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Mehndi is a pre-wedding event for the bride and her girls to get Mehndi on their hands (and feet sometimes) in preparation for the big day. Read More about Mehendi

What to wear: Don't wear full-sleeves if you're planning on getting mehndi done. Salwar Kameez and Indowesterns are great for this event.

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Garba is a fun pre-wedding dance party. The dancing has a lot of cardio and twirling, so you want to wear a dress that flows when you spin. Keep in mind you will be dancing without shoes. Read More about Garba

What to wear: A two piece crop top and skirt, called a Lehenga, is customary to wear to Garba. 

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Wedding Ceremony

South Asian wedding ceremonies usually are between 1 to 3 hours long. Wear comfortable shoes because you may be dancing to the venue with the groom's entourage before the ceremony begins.  Read More about Indian Wedding Ceremonies

What to wear: You can wear any moderate to heavily beaded ornamented outfit to the wedding ceremony, including a Sari, Lehenga, Indowestern, or Salwar Kameez. Usually the salwar kameez is worn by guests who are not very close to the bridegroom. 

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It's time to dance the night away. Feel free to wear heels but you might end up taking them off to do the two step. 

What to wear: Sari, Lehenga, and Indowesterns in darker colors work really well for the reception. 

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